Happy Start Early Learning Centre has two locations, Mt. Pritchard and Liverpool. It is a fully equipped centre providing care for children aged from birth to school age.

The Happy Start Early Learning Centre provides high quality care to families and children, encouraging respect for one another.

Our staff know a variety of languages to teach and communicate effectivity with the children.

We provide a home like environment that welcomes families and children to become an active part of our centre.

The highest quality of care is obtained through quality teaching and child care, appropriate resources, community support and through strong parental involvement.

Your child at happy start

Your child's experience at happy start is about much more than just good care. it's an opportunity for development socialisation and education.

Every child is unique

We know from experience that a child's potential is more fully realised When he or she is treated as in individual. Within a learning environment, children will have diverse interests, varying skills level and differing needs of their teachers and peers . Tailoring learning programs to focus on each child's unique style of leaning allows them to gain the most from activities and experiences. Individualised care and education is a philosophy our centre live by.

As part of this approach to early learning, it's important that our carers and teachers also draw upon their own uniqueness in order to create real and beneficial bonds with the children they care for. To achieve this, our staff and encouraged to combine their own individual experience, personality and knowledge with nationally recognised learning frameworks when developing curriculum programs and teaching styles. One such national framework is the commonwealth government's Early Years Learning framework (EYLF).

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Ph:(02) 9822 2168

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