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Children learn through play:

Early learning program at happy start are play-based and appropriate in line with national programming requirements. Children enjoy a wide variety of activities within a flexible daily routine to ensure that every part of their day is not only fun, but services as a teachable moment in time . The fundamental basic of these programs is recognising that children need to be engaged at different level depending on their age:

In the nursery:

Children in the nursery are starting to learn about themselves and are becoming aware of the world around them. Little ones learn through their senses and will spend much of the day exploring-feeling different textures, hearing different sounds, and seeing, smelling and tasting things for the very first time.

In the toddler group:

Toddlers are curious and busy little people they learn by experimenting - such as what happens when they mix coloured paints together. Social learning is also very important for this age group. This means lots of time learning to share and take turns so that friendship can develop.

In the preschool group:

Children in this group are becoming increasingly clever, confident and independent. They're starting to use reasoning and problem solving skills. When they play with blocks, they first think about what would they like to build.