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Healthy eating habits are formed in early childhood and children’s nutrition is important to their health and life long development. Our nutritional Policy ensures that the emphasis is on fresh foods and forms part of the care and educational program.

The centre provides Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late afternoon tea for all children. The children are encouraged to taste or try their food, NEVER forced to eat.

If your child is on a special diet and/or has any specific allergies the centre requires a statement from your child’s doctor describing the type of diet needed and/or a management plan for any allergies. The centre will make the necessary arrangements to accommodate this need. Happy Start Early Learning Centre maintains where possible a ‘nut free’ policy that no peanut butter or nuts are served at the centre. However food products containing warnings such as ‘may contain traces of nuts’ are used in food preparation (oil etc) or for snacks (biscuits and bread).

The Happy Start Early Learning Centre provides children in long day care with at least 50% of their daily recommended dietary intake of nutrients in the form of safe and appetising foods.

  • Milk will be served with afternoon tea.
  • All dairy products will be full cream.ll dairy products will be full cream.
  • Only soymilks that are fortified with calcium will be used as substitute for cow’s milk.
  • Children will have access to bread or fruit if they are hungry between meals.
  • Water will be available at all times.
  • Children are allowed to have second helpings of fruit or milk based desserts.
  • Parents will be advised when their child is not eating well.
  • When children are on special diets the parents will be asked to provide as much detail as possible to the cook about suitable foods.
  • Gloves will be worn or food tongs used by any staff directly handling cooked food.
  • Children will wash their hands before and after handling food or eating meals and snacks.
  • Food will be stored and served at safe temperatures.

We provide an eating environment that assists the inclusion of family and multicultural values.

  • Staff members should sit with the children and share the same food.
  • Food will not be used as a form of punishment either by its provision or denial.
  • Recipes and food awareness activities will be chosen from a variety of cultures.
  • Special occasions may be celebrated with culturally appropriate foods.
  • Parents will be invited to a least one food occasion each year.
  • Recipes for food served in the centre will be available to parents.
  • The weekly menu will be on display to parents and staff.

We also educate children about food and nutrition.

  • Food awareness activities will be included in the teaching curriculum.
  • Children will be encouraged to get hands on experience in food preparation.
  • The foods being served to children will be discussed with them.
  • Heights and weights of children will be measured as an activity to demonstrate physical growth.