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Transitioning rooms is just another part of growing up:

Our Happy Start carers and teacher are very experienced in ensuring a smooth transition for your child from one month to the next most happy start centre have three rooms: cocoon room caterpillar room butterfly room. Transition is often met with of the big kids!

Key step to transitioning rooms:

Here we have outline the key steps involved. Please feel free to talk with your centre director if you would like to discuss the transition process in more detail.

The ground work for transition is laid early while your child is in his or her current room:

There are basic skills that need to be learned before a move is suitable and safe, so we will take the time to ensure your child is fully equipped to make the transition with as little disruption as possible.

Staff will let you know when they feel your child is ready to transition to the next room. This will be based on their assessment of readiness, and availability of spaces.. We will then discuss the opportunity with you and make the decision to stay or move, together.

The transition itself will usually take place over a number of the weeks. Some children need more time than others, and our staff are sensitive to this. We will manage shorter or longer transition periods based on individual needs, and keep up communication with you along the way.

We encourage parental involvement in the transitioning process, particularly in the more difficult nursery to toddler stage. Spending some time together in the new room can help with any anxiety you or your child might be feeling.