About Us

Time to create happy starts



Welcome to Happy Start Child Care. We hope that you and your child feel welcome, happy and secure at our centre. Our wonderful facilities, a dedicated and enthusiastic staff and a beautiful learning environment are just a few of the things that await you.  Most of all, we want you to know that we value your decision to place your child with us and we understand the responsibility this brings.  Our key aim is for this to be a mutually beneficial experience and a positive step in the development of your child.


We believe that each child, family, educator is an unique and valued individual. We value, honour diversity and accept to celebrate differences in other people. We believe each person's and their family's values, culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged and reflected in the preschool's environment.

We believe education is transformative and share the children's journey of self-discovery and change. We believe learning is enhanced in an environment where you feel you belong. We believe in nourishing the children's and educator's soul, creativity and imagination. 

We believe a sense of wonder, belonging to and love of the land, nature and animals are critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive and proactive attitude to our environments and to ensure our sustainable future.